Pre-Showing Preparation

Imagine you are a buyer. You arrive at a home and all of the lights are off, blinds are closed, and it feels like you just walked into a cave. Does this give you a wonderful first impression of the home? Probably not.


For our premier listings, we will arrive at your home just prior to the buyers getting there to get it ready for the showing. We turn on all of the lights, open the curtains/blinds, turn some music on, light candles, etc. When the buyers walk in the front door, they will see your home in its best possible way. This helps ensure your home stands out from the crowd.

Private Tours

In 2014, we realized there was an opportunity with the current way homes are presented by the listing agent. When a buyer's agent shows a home, the agent typically knows no more than the potential buyers about the home they are being shown. This falls under "The Home Will Sell Itself" mentality. 


When you hire The Melcher Group to sell your home, we do not leave the sale of your home to chance. For our premier listings, we will prepare a guided tour for potential buyers so they are certain not to miss any of the value adding features that your home offers. This also allows the buyer to get their questions answered immediately.


We tested this process in 2014 & 2015 and saw a significant reduction in the days on market. Our clients received more offers at or above asking price compared to those that we did not do a private tour for. In 2016 we rolled this program out to all of our premier listings.

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